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The Fiji Times »Second round of government assistance of $ 360

Hundreds of people brave the scorching sun as they wait to receive their $ 360 government aid at Vodafone and Digicel outlets in downtown Damodar in Suva on Monday August 23, 2021. Photo: JOVESA NAISUA

Unemployed Fijians in the formal and informal sectors of Viti Levu can apply for the second round of government-funded $ 360 unemployment assistance from October 11-15, 2021.

According to a government post on Facebook, this aid will only be provided to eligible and fully vaccinated Fijians.

“However, those who are due to receive their second dose after the claim period and before the end of October (October 31, 2021) can still request help during the claim period, as they show that they received their second dose before. the end of October. “

Fijians are urged to gather all necessary and correct information in the meantime.

Mandatory information needed:

  • Last name and first name;
  • Birth registration number or citizenship number;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Tax identification number (TIN);
  • FNPF number, if applicable;
  • Voter identification number;
  • Home Address;
  • Declaration to confirm if the applicant has received their first and second COVID-19 vaccine (YES or NO);
  • If YES, indicate the place of vaccination;
  • Consent of the Fijian government to access candidate immunization information (YES or NO); and
  • Statutory declaration to confirm that all information provided is correct.
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