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Proximity acquires Alliance Consulting, a consulting firm for the government sector

Canberra-based consulting firm Proximity marked its tenth year in business with the acquisition of government sector specialist Alliance Consulting.

VSadvice, legal and commercial advice Proximity took over Canberra-based Alliance Consulting Group for an undisclosed amount. Together with their entire team, Alliance Consulting owners Peter Bell and Jenifer Frederick moved to Proximity earlier this month, bringing Proximity’s workforce to over 100 in the Adelaide, Sydney Melbourne and Canberra.

“Combining our existing capabilities and expertise with Proximity will enhance our ability to provide consulting and business solutions to a wider audience and increase our reach to help clients overcome challenges.” said Bell. “We believe Alliance’s hands-on approach to problem solving with great advisors who genuinely care about helping their clients is strongly aligned with Proximity’s approach.

Founded in Canberra a quarter of a century ago and with clients on both sides of Tasman, Alliance Consulting specializes in public procurement and management consulting, drawing on its team’s extensive experience in the public sector. . Bell, for example, before forming Alliance in 1996, spent more than a decade in various government departments of ACT, including in an ICT advisory role to the Office of the Chief Minister.

At the same time, Proximity was founded in 2011 by Sean King and James Dunn, former senior partners of the international law firm DLA, with the aim of serving the government and regulated industry sectors. The firm’s consulting lines include governance, occupational health and safety, and digital, data and cybersecurity, with specialists in project management, consulting, law, purchasing, governance, technology and business.

“We are deeply committed to building our integrated service offering and our multidisciplinary team. This milestone demonstrates our commitment to meeting growing customer demands for this approach, ”commented Dunn, who serves as Director of Proximity.

“We are excited about this breakthrough and are confident that this exciting milestone in our 10th year in business will allow our employees, customers and communities to go further. “

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