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Immunization mandate should extend to those receiving government assistance

Jennifer Rudell, a Cincinnati district manager for the CVS drugstore chain, prepares to vaccinate Rob Muse, another district manager, against the flu. CVS, Walgreen and other pharmacies already distribute flu shots.

The mandate of vaccines should extend to those receiving government assistance

The current administration has seen fit to impose a vaccine requirement on employees and their employers.

If the administration is really committed to vaccinations, it seems to me that a similar requirement should be placed on those who receive government assistance. No vaccine, no government check. I won’t hold my breath.

William Kloss, Dublin

Ed Lentz is a ‘treasure’, the couple can’t wait to read their next column

I love Ed Lentz’s column! What a treasure he is. My husband and I have attended many of his talks at the Upper Arlington Senior Center. Hearing it in person is a joy – its encyclopedic memory is something to see. I look forward to his next column.

Rosalie Immel, Colomb

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Focus more on the many correctly counted votes, instead of the few mistakes

Poll workers check voters during early voting at the Franklin County Electoral Board in Columbus, Ohio on November 1.

Poll workers check voters during early voting at the Franklin County Electoral Board in Columbus, Ohio on November 1.

This year, I was a first time electoral officer in Franklin County. All day long, I was impressed by the seriousness, hard work and professionalism of everyone who participated in the survey work. At the end of a very long day, I was deeply satisfied that our electoral system was run with integrity in the midst of many different challenges.

How disappointing it was to see the November 6 headline “Poll Book Issue Lets Three People Vote Twice,” trumpeting a small mistake with the electronic ballot book.

Significantly, errors were detected and corrected which should give us assurance that everything is rechecked, and of course three votes were not enough to affect the outcome of one of the races.

Following: Franklin County Election Board put on watch after 3 people voted twice on Tuesday

Nonetheless, those who promote the “big lie” by calling the 2020 presidential election “rigged” will seize this title to turn history into an example of the unreliability of the electoral system.

How about another front page article, in which tens of thousands of votes were cast and counted correctly by citizens who work hard and do their civic duty to preserve democracy?

Bradford Colegate, Columbus

Beatty Should Co-Sponsor Medicare for All Bill to Provide Unified, Affordable Health Care

Thank you to the participants of the caravan that took to the streets of Columbus on November 6th. The caravan was sponsored by National Nurses United and in partnership with SPAN Ohio.

The purpose was to echo the announcement in the Dispatch on November 5 and 6 asking our representative in Congress, Joyce Beatty, to sign as a co-sponsor of Medicare for All, HR 1976.

We were surprised earlier this year that her name was not on the co-sponsor list, as she was an original co-sponsor in 2019 and is a member of the Medicare for All caucus in the House.

Medicare for all is now mainstream, desired by Democrats and Republicans. Too many people have been devastated by hospital and drug medical bills, off-grid nonsense, and pre-authorization denials from health insurers.

With administrative medical costs now at 36 percent of medical income, people are realizing that we have a health care payment system that is just plain “wacky.”

Poor people experience a life expectancy gap of 25 years; maternal and infant mortality rates three times higher than those of better-off people.

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With Medicare for All, we would join the world’s first nations who have unified, affordable health care, creating a system of wellness in which no one is ruined by disease.

Please, Congressman Beatty – sign up as a Medicare for All co-sponsor, HR 1976.

Bob Krasen, SPAN Ohio Columbus Regional Coordinator

This article originally appeared on The Columbus Dispatch: Letters: Mandate for Vaccines Should Include Those on Government Aid

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