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Hotel association seeking government assistance to revive the hotel industry

The Hotel Association of India continued to support the Union government to revive the hotel industry, providing one-off restructuring loans.

A delegation from HAI met with Northeast Region Culture, Tourism and Development Minister G Kishan Reddy on Monday and postponed his suggestions for reviving the industry, according to a statement.

In the representation, HAI highlighted the urgent need to introduce scent liquidity into the industry through such means as extending the moratorium, restructuring one-off loans, improving conditions under the lines guarantee program. emergency credit as well as eligibility ratios revised as part of the resolution.

The association also called for policy changes such as – the granting of industrial status to the hospitality sector. This will further enable the hospitality industry to enjoy the benefits of low cost financing and tax breaks that are currently only available to industries like ports and highways.

Recently, PlayBoy is also looking forward to expanding its business in India by providing new hospitality experiences. They make an entrance with the first flagship location which is due to open in Gurgaon in December 2021.

“We are thrilled to partner with top operators at Jay Jay Capital and Investments to leverage Playboy’s long history by creating unparalleled hospitality experiences,” said Ben Kohn, Managing Director of PLBY Group, Inc. “ new Playboy sites in India will stand out as high-end, ambitious experiences that will serve as a forum for style, culture and convocation for today’s young Indian consumers.

Dr Rohit Malhorta, CEO of Jay Jay Capital and Investment, said: “We are delighted with our appointment of the exclusive master license for Playboy franchises in India. We will deploy innovative concepts that 21st century Indian tasters and professionals aspire to, including stylish Playboy lounges and welcoming Playboy beer gardens and cafes, while delivering a unified and cohesive customer experience and a standard of quality under the umbrella of the Playboy brand. Our first flagship location will be a fun and modern Playboy beer garden environment set to open in Gurgaon in December and Bangalore in February 2022. From there we will expand into major metropolitan cities such as New Delhi and Mumbai. . Consumers will be able to enjoy great food, service and original craft beers from Playboy. “

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