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HKCCI seeks help from Union Government for Kalyana Karnataka

Their demands included upgrading the existing ESIC medical complex in Kalaburagi to a medical facility on par with AIIMS.

Their demands included upgrading the existing ESIC medical complex in Kalaburagi to a medical facility on par with AIIMS.

The Hyderabad Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HKCCI), a group of industrialists and traders in the Kalyana Karnataka region, has demanded that the Union Government extend its financial assistance to Kalyana Karnataka on the model other regions which had been given special status under various clauses. of article 371 of the Constitution.

HKCCI Chairman Prashant Mankar and Secretary Sharanabasappa Pappa on Wednesday submitted a memorandum to Union Minister of State for Chemicals and Fertilizers, New and Renewable Energy Bhagawanth Khuba requesting financial assistance from the region.

“The Union Government has granted special status to the Kalyana Karnataka region under Section 371 (J) of the Constitution. The Kalyana Karnataka Region Development Board (KKRDB) was excluded from this special status. Similarly, Vidarbha regions in Maharashtra and Telangana state, which have been granted special status, have been sanctioned by the central assistance of the Union government. But the same central assistance is not extended to KKRDB. To ensure effective development of the Kalyana Karnataka region, we believe that the Union Government should extend central assistance to KKRDB,” Mr. Mankar and Mr. Pappa insisted in the memorandum.

They also demanded that the Union government sanction special economic zones (SEZs), especially pharmaceutical-specific SEZs, in the region.

“The development of Kalyana Karnataka and the eradication of poverty in the region can be effectively addressed if the government establishes a set of SEZs, more specifically related to the pharmaceutical sector. The neighboring state of Telangana has 63 SEZs on the outskirts of Hyderabad city. We specifically ask [you] to sanction pharmaceutical SEZs in all districts of Kalyana Karnataka to solve the problem of industrial development in the region,” they said.

Board members of the trade and industry body reminded the Union government of the Division of Railways that it had sanctioned seven years ago and demanded that it implement the project.

“The Justice Sareen Committee recommended the establishment of a railway division in Kalaburagi in 1984, along with 38 railway divisions across the country. Almost all the railway divisions recommended by the committee have been created. But the Kalaburagi Railway Division had to wait until 2013 when the then Minister of Railways announced a sanction for the establishment of a Railway Division in Kalaburagi on the floor of Parliament “, they said.

“Apart from that, the foundation stone was laid at Wadi Junction station in the same year by the then Minister of Railways in the presence of the then Chief Minister and also Chairman of the Board of Railways of iron. This was followed by the acquisition of 42 acres of land at Kalaburagi for this purpose. A special officer was also appointed to oversee the creation of the Railway Division. The Special Officer prepared and submitted detailed Railroad Division plans, including estimates, to the Railroad Board. The board approved the project and estimates and also identified the jurisdiction of the Kalaburagi Railway Division at its meeting held on April 30, 2014,” they said.

“Except for the fence of the acquired land, no visible steps have been taken so far to establish the railway division at Kalaburagi. In the absence of a railway division at Kalaburagi, the region of Kalyana Karnataka, from the point of view of rail amenities, is fragmented and spread across five rail divisions and, a rail commuter has to move within these five divisions to solve any rail problem, if any,” they said.

“That aside, Kalaburagi and Wadi railway stations contribute the lion’s share of revenue to the existing Sholapur rail division. Given these realities on the ground, we seek your intervention to support the establishment of the railway division in Kalaburagi,” they said.

Their demands included the upgrading and development of the existing ESIC medical complex at Kalaburagi into an AIIMS level medical facility, a night landing facility for the airport, a mega textile park, the start of cargo services since Kalaburagi Airport, the creation of an Industrial Corridor Center at Kalaburagi and bringing Kalaburagi under the Mumbai-Kanyakumari Industrial Corridor.

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