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Folsom Taqueria posts panel blaming government aid for slow service – CBS Sacramento

FOLSOM (CBS13) – A restaurant owner in Folsom posted a “slow service sign” asking customers to be patient with the desperate understaffed taqueria to get employees back to work.

Taco Loco is a popular restaurant here in Folsom and has displayed a sign explaining to customers why service can be slow.

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The sign says:

“To our loyal customers. Unfortunately, because of government and state donations, no one wants to work anymore. As a result, we are understaffed …

“Please be patient with our staff who have chosen to come to work today. “

John Voels owns a restaurant down the rue de la Tacqueria. He says he understands the frustration.

“It’s hard to find people who want to work right now,” says Voelz, who owns the RESET Café by Day nearby.

Reluctant restaurateurs are now counting on unemployment after months of whiplash.

“They were made redundant and they found a job and they came back, and then they are laid off again. It’s a back-and-forth situation. Why not go unemployed? It’s an easy salary, ”said Erica Oresky, who frequents Folsom restaurants.

But what does a crowded dining room mean to the waiters who have stayed?

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“They want us to hire more people now,” said Voelz, who admits it’s easier said than done. “We’re trying to hire more baristas, we’re trying to hire cooks. It’s really difficult.

We asked economist Barry Broome what small staff restaurants mean for their local communities.

“Until the government check stops coming out, which is September, we’re going to continue to have labor shortages and that’s going to continue to challenge small businesses,” Broome said.

He says it might even shut them down. It’s a domino effect, if labor shortages close restaurants, communities bring in less sales taxes, which could hurt the economy.

“We were big supporters of keeping families stable during the pandemic. Now that the economy is coming back, we need the job market.

Said Broome, President of the Greater Sacramento Economic Council

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CBS13 contacted the owner of Taco Loco in Folsom to specifically ask for his sign. He didn’t want to talk to us right away.

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