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Employment of 1,729 job seekers in the public sector in Q2 2022

Doha: The Civil Service and Government Development Bureau released the Statistical Bulletin on the number of those who were employed in the public sector in the second quarter of 2022 by the candidates of the National Employment Platform (Kawader), based on the pursuit of the principle of transparency in the publication, display and sharing of statistical data with the public.

Statistical data revealed that 1,729 job seekers were employed; 67% women and 33% men. Statistical data showed that most employers of job seekers on the platform were the Ministry of Education and Higher Education with 129 employees, followed by Hamad Medical Corporation with 86 employees and the Ministry of Justice with 81 employees.

Statistical data showed that the three institutions that provided the most job opportunities through the Kawader platform were the Primary Health Care Corporation with 392 job opportunities, followed by the High Judicial Council with 288, then Hamad Medical Corporation, which offered 176 employment opportunities.

The disciplines of education, computer engineering, management and economics (accounting and finance) are the most demanded in the labor market, based on the opportunities offered by the National Platform for Education. employment (Kawader).

Statistical data showed the number of job seekers who were employed in the first half of 2022, with the number of employed people reaching 3,028 job seekers, indicating the availability of 2,990 job opportunities for various qualifications academics via the platform.

The newsletter included initiatives targeting job seekers, including the rapid recruitment campaign in which 13 government institutions participated in an average of 20 campaigns, in addition to the organization of the career day for people with disabilities and the setting implementation of the list system to give priority to the job seeker in applying for jobs, with continuous improvements on the Kawader platform with the aim of facilitating recruitment procedures.

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