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Dian Istanti, Head of E-Government Sector, Department of Communication and Information, West Java Province, Indonesia

How do you use technology / politics to improve the lives of citizens? Tell us about your role or your organization.

Providing changes towards an integrated, efficient and effective e-government system (SPBE) and providing optimal services to both internal government and the public is one of my missions as head of the e-government sector. at the West Java Communication and Computing Office. Province. Likewise, to make West Java a center of excellence in digital government through the concept of digital province of Jabar, one of the ways to achieve this is to carry out several activities in the e-government sector at through the formulation of several policies for governance of ICT, services and management of ICT infrastructure. .

Some of the actions my team and I have taken started with formulating multiple policies, namely:

  1. Regulations of the Governor of West Java regarding the governance of the SPBE;
  2. SPBE master plan document;
  3. Governor’s decree concerning the government’s IOC; and
  4. Governor’s order on the SPBE coordination team.

These policies are important to do, with the intention of being a benchmark in the application of the SPBE within the regional government of the province of West Java. My other task with the team is to provide support to the business / main tasks and functions of the regional apparatus within the regional government of West Java Province in the form of services including:

  1. Provision of Internet and Intranet services for 38 departments, 124 offices / branches and 27 regencies / cities;
  2. Data center providing service for all West Java Province Departments and West Java Regency / City Governments.
  3. Video conferencing facilities for all West Java Province departments and West Java regional leaders.

What has been the most significant project you have worked on this year?

Regarding the West Java Provincial Government data center sharing infrastructure, myself and the eGovernment industry team together with the Jabar digital service team have been successful. to create a government cloud computing service under the name Jabar Cloud. This service is an internally designated Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service for the West Java Province Regional Government and West Java City and District Governments. Jabar Cloud currently supports several West Java Provincial Government companies including personnel affairs, regional finance and Covid-19 countermeasures, namely: TRK app (e-Kinerja), K-Mob app (presence of employees), SIPKD database, PIKOBAR database and other applications owned by the regional department.

The Jabar Cloud services that we manage include VPS hosting services, VPS servers and Dedicated servers with the benefits of easy access and 24/7 service availability. This facility offers flexibility to its users and can reduce the cost of ICT expenditure, while ensuring data security.

The construction of command centers in 27 regencies / cities of West Java, which started in 2019, is one of the strategic programs of the regional government of West Java Province to achieve the digital transformation towards the digital province of Jabar, which is also one of the results of the results of the implementation of the tasks that are the responsibility of the e-government sector.

Another facility that we provide to the public by providing easy access to information is the provision of hotspots in the form of free hotspots in 120 public areas spread across the districts / cities of West Java. Here the local community can take advantage of free internet access. Another program that we plan to start in 2021 is the development of the digital village area in West Java. The aim of this program is to make the villages of West Java digitally independent in the hope of increasing the standard of living of their people.

One of the main problems that often faces the application of ICT is the large budget allocated to ICT spending by local governments. There are many reasons for this, including many applications being built, Internet spending that is out of line with requirements, the lack of standards in purchasing ICT devices, and the inadequacy of existing data center facilities. Another public problem encountered is the existence of empty areas in several rural areas. Many villages have a lot of potential to develop, but are limited by access to information and communication so that these villages find it difficult to improve their standard of living.

The steps we have taken to support the optimization of the implementation of SPBE and the realization of the digital province of West Java is to create a sharing function in the data center that we manage and which is for the regional department. of the West Java provincial government and the district. / Municipal governments of West Java. With the use of the Data Center that we manage which is reinforced by the regulations in force, obliging the Regional Management to stop procuring servers and to build server rooms which have been carried out by the Regional Management until now. This can reduce and rationalize ICT expenditure and overcome the problem of limited ICT human resources. Another measure we have taken is the provision of a centralized Internet / intranet network, not allowing the provision of Internet leases to every regional device, which has been one of the causes of the inflation of the ICT budget. Based on the results of our assessment, the measures we have taken will have an impact on budget efficiency of around 20-30%.

Our form of support in the implementation of the strategic program of West Java, namely the development of command centers in provinces and regencies / cities, which aims to establish models of communication and coordination between provincial and regional governments. district / city, and can be used to monitor conditions in the event of a disaster event.

One of the functions of the command center during this pandemic can be used as a West Java Covid19 (Pikobar) information and coordination center. Another form of support from our team in realizing the strategic program of the West Java Provincial Government is the development of infrastructure in the digital village area which is expected to start construction in 2021 with a target of 100 villages (providing internet access especially for villages that have potential but are white spots). With the development of this digital village area, it is hoped that the villages of West Java will become independent digital villages by increasing community economic activities with the support of information technology.

In addition, to facilitate access to Diskominfo service requests, we provide a service center application, so that the services provided can be measured and recorded and can be completed according to a predetermined time target. With a ticket service completion rate exceeding 90 percent, it is hoped that the ICT services managed by Diskominfo can be more optimal.

What are your priorities for 2021?

In accordance with my mandate, I hope to continue to achieve integration, efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation of SPBE and digital transformation within the West Java Provincial Government and be able to provide the best service to the community, in particular by providing ICT infrastructure support. for rural areas which are currently still in need of attention to improve the standard of living of its citizens so that it can create equitable welfare in West Java.

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